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New serie: STALAG-X

     I'm working on my new serie STALAG-X, a history of Space Opera genre, which began to organize in 2006 with the writer Kevin J. Anderson (author of the latest saga "Dune" into a novel, and many other titles, including several novels "Star Wars").
    Finally, six years later, we found an editor for the project ... that is becoming quite big that I have taken quite some time.
    Given the nature of the project and the market to which it is addressed, related posts STALAG X will make you directly in English.
   This first post is just to introduce the team that will work on the series, and explain a little what all this.
   These are the credits of the series and the team working on it:

        serie of 6 numbers in comic book format, which is also published as a graphic novel compilation.

       Written by: Kevin J. Anderson & Steven L. Sears
       Art by: Mike Ratera
       Covers art: Dave Dorman

      Editor: GESTALT Comics, the Australia's premier graphic novel publishing house.

            Kevin J. Anderson:
            Steven L. Sears:
            Gestalt Comics:
            Dave Dorman:


     Fair to say that this will be a great adventure for me, next to these two writers and making my way into a new territory in Australia and the Anglo-Saxon public !  
    Soon you will see here the concept art for the characters of the serie !    


       I leave here the presentation of the project and explanation of its origin, by Kevin J. Anderson. Source:  ( from the blog of Kevin J. Anderson):

        I am very pleased to announce a major new science fiction graphic novel, STALAG-X, a project I’ve developed with Co-Executive Producer and scriptwriter of XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS (among many, many other things). Gestalt Comics, the largest comics publisher in Australia, will be publishing the graphic novel.
       STALAG-X is a gritty story of human soldiers trying to survive in an alien concentration camp, and one mysterious prisoner who calls himself “Joe Human.” He cannot allow the vicious aliens to win ... but because of his own dark past, he doesn’t dare allow himself to be rescued either.
      I’ve known Steven Sears for most of my professional career, and we’ve wanted to work together for a long time. We developed ideas over the years as pitches for TV shows, but when we hit on STALAG-X, we knew this was The One. Steven’s background is in writing and producing film and television, which meshed very well with my background in writing comics. We have already completed the first three (of six) scripts, and are working on developing STALAG-X as a television or film property as well.     
    Enter Gestalt. Steven and I had the idea developed for STALAG-X, but last year when I was one of the guests of Supanova touring Australia, I got to know Wolfgang Bylsma, publisher of Gestalt Comics. In fact, I got to know him as a friend before I knew what he did for a living. As I looked at the Gestalt publications, I grew more and more excited: these were high-quality books, not cookie-cutter comics, and even eclectic. Gestalt seemed like it might be a good home for STALAG-X.
Later, at San Diego Comic Con, I showed Steven some of Gestalt’s books, and he was equally impressed. We both agreed that we wanted to talk with Wolfgang about this project, so we met with him, let him look at the material. As we had hoped, Wolfgang was hooked, and soon thereafter we all decided we wanted to work together.
    Since we were at San Diego Comic Con, I suggested the legendary Dave Dorman as our cover artist. Dave did all the covers for the Young Jedi Knights series, as well as my short story collection DOGGED PERSISTENCE, and we have been friends for a long time. I talked with Dave, told him the idea behind STALAG-X, and he also agreed to hop aboard.
    We had already worked with comic artist Mike Ratera to do concept sketches, and Gestalt has just signed Mike as the interior artist. As you can see from the samples below, his work is incredible and powerful.
   We don’t have a release date yet for the first issue, probably sometime in late fall. I’ll keep you up to date, and I hope you’ll follow the series. STALAG-X is one of our best ideas.

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  1. Gracias por la visita, Rodrigo !

  2. Great news, mike!

    Really glad that you succeed to sign this project after all thoses years!
    Now, i just want to see more stuff about it!!!



  3. Hola Laurent !
    Ouais, je bosse comme un fou maintenant... 150 pages que je dois faire dans le temps qu´on fait la moitié d´un album BD :)
    ... mais ça va m éloigner par un temps des festivals français... c´est à l´Australie et aux US que je dévrais dédicacer ( pas blague )
    Un abrazo, amigo !
    Cuídate mucho !

  4. Yep, j'ai vu que c'était un éditeur Australien. 150 pages en 6 mois donc, tu te prépares de longues journées de travail pour le coup.
    D'après ce que je vois ce sera des pages crayonnées comme le chant des Elfes. Ca n'irait pas plus vite de bosser avec un encreur (même si financièrement parlant ce n'est pas la même chose!)?

    Sinon, j'ai eu l'occasion de parler un peu avec Yannick Paquette que j'avais croisé à Etterbeek en Belgique (Il y avait Rafa Sandoval également, Matteo Scalera, David Lapez entre autre!)et il est passé à la tablette graphique et du coup, il fait son crayonné/encrage directement.

    En tout cas, hâte de voir quelques planches maintenant!!

    ...Et pour les dédicaces, yep, ça va te faire long en déplacement :p

    A bientôt l'ami!


  5. Moi je fais également le crayonné/encrage... mais je le fais à la main !( et pas besoin d´un encreur ) Allez, au taf ! au taf ! un abrazo !

  6. Buenas Mike... cuanto tiempo... menuda pinta que tiene tu nuevo trabajo. A ver si te publican por aquí de una vez !!! ;)

    Ayer en twitter empezó a seguirme una tal @Drakaina ¿te suena? JAJAJAJA Al princio no caía y luego ya me di cuenta de que era una de esas modelos tan estupendas de las que siempre se rodea Mike Ratera !!!

    Qué pequeño es el mundo !!!

    Un abrazo.

    P.D.: Hala Madrid !!!

  7. Hombre ! Don Diego !... ya hacía tiempo !
    Bueno, esto que presento por aqui lo estoy haciendo ahora, aunque el proyecto se empezó a preparar en 2006. Voy a estar muchos meses en ello y si todo va bien esto me conducirá hasta... Australia, para dedicar allí.
    Acabas de recordarme que hoy es el cumple de Drakaina, será mejor que la felicite !
    Un abrazo !

    P.D: Visca el Barça !!!

  8. Sin duda que mola !!! Oye que si eso te acompaño a Australia :)

    Mira, voy a aprovechar también yo para felicitarla.

    Lo bueno de esta nueva obra tuya es que se publicará en inglés y ahí más o menos me defiendo cosa que con el francés nada de nada.

  9. OK, como todo...primero hay que hacerlo y hacerlo bien, luego ya vendrán las giras y todo lo demás. Otro abrazo !

  10. Félicitations Mike ! Je suis vraiment content pour toi ! Comment tous les autres, maintenant, on veut voir PLUS ! :-D

  11. Merci de la visite Olivier !!! je vais bientôt poster par ici les races aliens, mais je dois finir avant une bonne groupe pages ! À bientôt !!

  12. Hey Loulou ! MERCI ! tu vois: je m´éloigne un peu de la BD franco-belge ! bises