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                                        BON NADAL !!

                      MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!

                          JOYEUX NOËL !!!

                          FELIZ NAVIDAD !!!

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         My two new books, both scheduled for publication in March 2014 with my Dutch publishers DARK DRAGON BOOKS.
         Mis dos nuevos libros, ambos para ser publicados al mismo tiempo en Marzo 2014 con mis editores holandeses DARK DRAGON BOOKS.

                     KABUR THE RED STAR
                   KABUR DE RODE STER

               The extended version of my first french album "KING KABUR" (éditions Semic-2003): 56 pages instead the 46 pages of the first edition, new cover & other extra bonus !

               More information about this book in the Dark Dragon Books website:

                          THE BEST OF MIKE RATERA

                   My "Best of" within the ARTBOOKS Collection with Dark Dragon Books.

                     More information about this book in the Dark Dragon Books website:

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STALAG-X #2 B&W Preview Pages

             A lot of black & white pages from STALAG-X Issue #2 !

                    Previous STALAG-X posts:

STALAG-X - Alien races: the Malta

       I present here one of the first designs for another alien races of the series "STALAG-X": the MALTA,  bipeds, looking like a cross between a Ray Harryhausen creation and a bird of prey.
         First appearance: Issue # 3

                          This was my first graphic interpretation for Malta .......

                         and the color version by Max .........


Previous STALAG-X posts:

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    Here you can see some of the latest covers with my artwork for the Italian publishing magazines AUREA Editoriale
    Aquí tenéis algunas de mis ilustraciones publicadas como portadas para las revistas italianas de AUREA Editoriale

                          The color of this illustration is made by Max
                      To see the step by step of this illustration:

            The color of this illustration is made by Nuria Sayago
                       The model is Francesca Vegas
                       To see the step by step of this illustration: 

              The color of this illustration is made by Yuri Shepherd
                         To see the step by step of this illustration:                                

                          To see more italian covers:

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STALAG-X - Full Trailer & Downloads

            STALAG-X # 1 Digital Exclusive Edition available from iBooks, Kindle & Graphicly:

          Watch the spectacular full trailer STALAG-X, created by Skye Ogden & Gestalt Comics:


STALAG-X #1 Preview Pages

        Here you have to preview the step by step of the first 3 pages of Issue # 1 STALAG-X.

       You can see the black & white final version of the pages, the color versions made ​​by my Australian team Angelina Tan & Skye Ogden and the final versions for pages, with leettering and FX !

        For more information and to download STALAG-X # 1 go to this link for the website of my Australian publishers Gestalt Comics:

STALAG-X - Exclusive Variant Cover

             I present here the step by step of the variant cover for Issue # 1 STALAG-X Special edition for the Denver Comic-Con.

         1- First, two pencil roughs which are a variant of the idea that I got the writers of the series Kevin J. Anderson & Steven L. Sears


2- The last rough was chosen as the final composition of the cover. Here you have the traced pencil version, with some adjustments over the rough.

3- This is the final black & white version !

4- And the color version by Angelina Tan.

For more information and to download the STALAG-X # 1-Denver Comic Con Variant, go to this link on the website of my Australian publishers, Gestalt Comics:

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KABUR THE RED STAR - Dark Dragon Books

       I present here the process of working on one of the extra pages (10 extra pages in total) for the album "KABUR THE RED STAR" I'm preparing for my Dutch publishers Dark Dragon Books
       The book is due for release in March 2014.
       The color of the extras of the book (new pages, double page guards interior and new cover) is doing Nuria Sayago, faithfully following the color style of the first edition of the album, from 2003.
      For more information about this album :

       And here you have the process of realization of this splash page: initial pencil, all fitted and well defined. The stylus end, with this strong pencil effect equivalent to inking reviewed (but without using real ink) and excellent color finish by Nuria.

      Os presento aquí el proceso de trabajo en una de las páginas extra (10 páginas extra en total) para el álbum "KABUR THE RED STAR" que estoy preparando para mis editores holandeses Dark Dragon Books
       El libro esta previsto que salga para marzo 2014.
      El color de los extras del libro (nuevas páginas, página doble guardas interiores y nueva portada) lo esta haciendo Nuria Sayago, siguiendo fielmente el estilo del color de la primera edición del álbum, de 2003.
     Para más información acerca de éste álbum:

      Y aquí teneis el proceso de realización de esta espectacular página: el lápiz inicial, todo encajado y bien definido. El lápiz final, con éste fuerte efecto de repasado que equivale al entintado ( pero sin utilizar verdadera tinta china) y el excelente color acabado por Nuria.

STALAG-X Debut at Denver Comic On

        STALAG-X first issue will debut at Denver Comic Con the first weekend in June!

        STALAG-X, presentación del primer número en la Denver Comic Con el primer weekend de junio!
             DENVER COMIC CON website---->

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STALAG-X - Announcements

  Start Promoting STALAG-X, the series that I'm working for a few months. I'll post the announcement of the series as my editors are presenting in Internet media (the official press release):

Gestalt Comics are pleased to announce a major new science fiction comic series, STALAG-X, a candid tale of human soldiers struggling to survive in an alien concentration camp.
Written by award-winning author Kevin J. Anderson  in partnership with TV writer/producer Steven L. Sears and illustrated by Mike Ratera (Conan, Bad Legion), Stalag-X reinterprets the ‘prisoner-of-war’ tale with a compelling antihero bent.
In a violent space war against an alien race, one prisoner — to be known only as “Joe Human” — is taken to a harsh P.O.W. camp that is controlled by an alien the captives refer to as “Dr. Mengele.”  Like his namesake, Mengele performs horrific experiments on humans to better understand their nature — ‘Know your enemy’ is the dictum under which he operates, even if it means examining them slice by slice.
But Joe quickly appears to be less than honorable, for he has his own reasons to stay incognito and off Earth. While held prisoner at Stalag-X, he uncovers vital intelligence about the enemy — information that could possibly win the war and save billions of lives…  Of course, that would mean getting involved and, perhaps, caring for something.  Or someone.
New York Times bestselling author Anderson  is the author of more than 115 novels, 52 of which have appeared on US or international bestseller lists, including titles set in the legendary Dune and Star Warsuniverses, along with his own Saga of the Seven Suns series.
Sears is well-known for his work in both film and television — his writing and producing credits include some of the most iconic television series such as SuperboyThe A-TeamSwamp Thing and Xena, Warrior Princessamong many others.
Stalag-X #1 features cover art by fan-favorite Dave Dorman and is slated for digital release on the 1st June 2013

  What I show here is the first cover in the series, made ​​by the great Dave Dorman. I've done one of the alternative covers for Issue # 1 (that soon you can see here).

  For more information, and to see the video teaser trailer-see the STALAG-X website (NEW!) or go to our Facebook page:

    STALAG-X -website 

    STALAG-X -facebook

    GESTALT COMICS -website



    DAVE DORMAN -blog


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GAME OF THRONES - Hardcover Collection

    I have the honor of being one of 12 artists selected to make one of the alternative covers of "GAME OF THRONES" in the Dutch edition by DARK DRAGON BOOKS .
      It will be a total of 12 covers, especially for this Dutch edition of "Game of Thrones" comics series published in US by Dynamite.

        More news soon !

     Tengo el honor de ser uno de los 12 artistas elegidos para hacer una de las portadas alternativas de "GAME OF THRONES" para la edición holandesa de DARK DRAGON BOOKS.
     Se tratará de un total de 12 portadas, especiales para esta edición holandesa de la serie comics "Game of Thrones" editada en US por Dynamite.

           Más news pronto !


KABUR THE RED STAR - Dutch edition

     Besides working in my current series STALAG-X , I am preparing 2 new books with my Dutch publishers DARK DRAGON BOOKS, both for 2014.
     One of these two books will be a new updated and remastered my first french album "KING KABURr, Les Seigneurs Blêmes" published in 2003 by the french publisher Semic.
       For this new version, I'm working on, the book will have 56 pages instead of 46 pages of the first edition. Add 10 extra pages, where I'm working, that will make the album in one shot.
        Jean-Marc Lofficier, the writer of the series, 2003, has made the script for these 10 extra pages.
        The color of the new version is doing Nuria Sayago, following the same color style of the Peru brothers , 2003. This represents a real challenge from the technical point of view, since virtually're doing "digital archeology" recovering color files 10 years old (my big thanks to Thierry Mornet, who was the editor of the first version and whose help has been invaluable to retrieve files from 2003).
         As I show here first preview versions black and white and color (the color of Nuria) of the double page / Album inner guards.      
        The planned release date of the album, with the working title KABUR THE RED STAR is for March 2014. And come out with another book of which I will discuss later.

          Soon more previews !

     Además de trabajar en mi serie actual STALAG-X estoy preparando 2 nuevos libros con mis editores holandeses DARK DRAGON BOOKS, ambos para 2014.
     Uno de estos dos libros va a ser una nueva actualizada y remasterizada de mi primer álbum francés "KING KABUR, Les Seigneurs Blêmes", publicado en 2003 por editorial Semic.
     Para esta edición actual en la que estoy trabajando, el libro pasará a tener 56 páginas en lugar de las 46 páginas de la primera edición. Se añadirán 10 páginas extra, en las que estoy trabajando, que convertirán el álbum en un one shot.
     Jean-Marc Lofficier, el guionista de la serie de 2003, ha realizado el guión de estas 10 páginas extra.
   El color de la nueva versión lo esta haciendo Nuria Sayago, siguiendo el mismo estilo de color de los hermanos Peru, de 2003. Lo que representa un verdadero desafío desde el punto de vista técnico, ya que prácticamente estamos haciendo "arqueología digital" recuperando archivos de color de 10 años de antiguedad ( mi enorme agradecimiento a Thierry Mornet, que fué el editor de la primera versión y cuya ayuda ha sido inestimable para recuperar los archivos de 2003).
    Como primer preview os muestro aquí las versiones blanco y negro y color (el color de Nuria) de la doble página/guardas interiores del álbum.
     La fecha de publicación prevista del álbum, con el título provisional KABUR THE RED STAR, es para marzo 2014. Y saldrá junto con otro libro del que os hablaré más adelante.

          Pronto más previews !

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STALAG-X - Tattoo design

       My new series STALAG-X is full of details to design. I present here several sketches drawn to the search for a very specific tattoo for one of the characters in the series (a sergeant in a unit of space marines).

      The final design is this black and white version that heads the post, and below I present different previous versions, the result of creative discussions with the two writers of the show: Kevin J. Anderson & Steven L. Sears.

      Previous STALG-X posts:

     KEVIN J. ANDERSON blog:
     STEVEN L. SEARS official site: