Tuesday, May 22, 2018


        At last I can announce this to you. It's a job done a few months ago, a collaboration with the American metal band A Sound of Thunder, from Washington DC. 

       His new album It Was Metal has been funded in a kickstarter campaign that included a graphic novel where a lot of artists have made the comics version of each of the songs. My contribution has been the drawing of the song THE REAPERS / ELS SEGADORS, with a script adapted from the lyrics of the song by my friend Marc Gras. And with the spectacular color by Diego L. Parada.

     Soon I will present to you here the images of this first collaboration with A Sound of Thunder
    For now, you can see this extensive interview that I have done the A Sound of Thunder and that you will find on its website, in English, Catalan and Spanish, and where I explain my participation in It Was Metal


     And to start the previews, I leave you with this concept colored by Diego, which represents the Reaper Woman, something like the main character of our story Els Segadors set in 1640, in Catalonia. 
   For the Reaper Woman I was inspired by the Belgian model Seffy Moon, who has been my muse in many covers & illustrations. She has also participated in this work!


    You can order It Was Metal graphic novel on Amazon:

      And you can also order It Was Metal directly from A Sound of Thunder website store: