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GAME OF THRONES Cover : Roughs !

          Here I present the Step by Step of the preliminary drawings for the cover I'm doing for GAME OF THRONES Hardcover Collection of my Dutch publishers Dark Dragon Books

          I have chosen Jaime Lannister as the protagonist of my cover, because it's one of my favorite characters from GoT.

          Here you can follow step by step of the pencil drawing sketches in this set where I play with the symmetry of the Lannister lions on either side of the central image (Jaime).

           STEP 1: We will put everything in place and draw the lion's head in the center of the stone wall.

                                  STEP 2: I work on Jaime Lannister with a hard lead pencil.

                                                  STEP 3: ... and the two lions !

                                            STEP 4: Pencil sketch finished... mmmhhh....

            STEP 5: I add these touches in red, so that the colorist can understand that the image is going to be bloody (as it should!).

    STEP 6: Finally. I think I'll change the figure of Jaime Lannister by this one that I think will give the character a more arrogant air.

    I'll integrate this second drawing in the final composition for the cover, which you will see in an upcoming post.
                                 Nuria Sayago will take care of the color.

   DARK DRAGON BOOKS A GAME OF THRONES HARDCOVER COLLECTION --->           http://www.darkdragonbooks.com/c-1996394/game-of-thrones/

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