Friday, May 24, 2024

ARTBOOKS Dedicated Drawings 2023-24 (IV)


             Some very special dedications recently made on copies of my new artbook The Super Villains and other books of mine. They are drawings dedicated to collaborators who have participated in these works. 

         Here you have this Baron Harkonnen for the great Kevin J. Anderson, who wrote the preface to my artbook The Super Villains. Kevin has continued the Dune literary saga for more than 20 years together with Brian Herbert

         Here is his website:



               This drawing of the character Midna from the Zelda universe is for Niina Xan, who has worked on the color of many of the illustrations for The Super Villains. In addition to being a colorist, Niina is also a illustrator and creator of her own universe. 

          You can see her work here:


                 This Jabba drawing is for Nuria Sayago, another of my colorists on The Super Villains. Nuria has a long career as a colorist in the Franco-Belgian market. 

           Here you can see the series in which she has worked:

                This other copy of The Super Villains is dedicated to the model Seffy Moon, who has been collaborating with me for a long time on illustrations and covers. 

            Here you can learn more about our collaborations:


               Seffy Moon is also represented in this drawing for my colorist Nuria Sayago, made in the Seffana Vampirique Portfolio where both participated. 

       Here you can see the Seffana Vampirique portfolio:

               This other drawing is also for Nuria Sayago, who participated as a colorist in the special edition Kabur the Red Star, published by Dark Dragon Books in Holland.

          Here you can learn more about this edition:


                 And another dedication to Nuria Sayago in the Dutch edition of another book of mine: Le Chant des Elfes series previously published in France, also published in Holland with Dark Dragon Books.

           Here you can learn more about this Limited Edition: