sábado, 23 de mayo de 2015

STALAG-X Work on pages Issue #3

    I want to show here some details of my work in the pages of the STALAG-X series, completed several months ago. 
Throughout the entire performance of the series, I had excellent communication with the two American writers Kevin J. Anderson & Steven L. Sears, which is essential to ensure that the series works well to visual / narrative level.

    Here is an example in these two consecutive pages of Issue # 3. 
You can see the first Storyboard versions, where there have been some changes suggested by Kevin & Steven.

    Also you can see the finish line versions (Enhanced Inks = Photoshop Adjustments That allow 100% quality "ink", slightly increase increasing the intensity of the pencil) and finally the color of Angelina Lim & Skye Ogden

 More about this series:

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                                                    Page 17 #3 version A 

                                   Page 17 #3 version B (good version)

                               Page 17 #3 final B&W art

                                      Page 17 #3 color

                                   Page 18 #3 version A 

                         Page 18 #3 version B (good version)

                                 Page 18 #3 final B&W art

                                     Page 18 #3 color