jueves, 25 de enero de 2018

STALAG X - The Vault Publishing

         STALAG-X Coming soon, from The Vault Publishing, may, 2018 !

     Vault collaborated with NYT best-selling author Kevin J. Anderson, veteran screenwriter Steven L. Sears, and artist Mike Ratera to publish Stalag-X, a deluxe edition hardcover OGN which features an original prose novella in accompaniment with the story.

Kevin J. Anderson (DUNE: House Atreides, STAR WARS: Tales of the Jedi, and Jedi Academy)
Steven L. Sears (XENA: Warrior Princess, THE A-TEAM)

    Stalag-X is currently being presented to the film/television market by veteran film production, worldwide sales and management company, Shoreline Entertainment.
    More about Stalag-Xhttp://stalag-x.com/

     Stalag-X first look pre-announcement:   

      Stalag-X Deluxe Hardback Edition is on pre-order through Amazon with a 30% discount: