sábado, 23 de junio de 2018


         We continue with the previews Els Segadors, my participation in the graphic novel IT WAS METAL, the comics adaptation of the last album of the American metal band A Sound of Thunder.

     Here I present the work stages in the black and white pages, before adding the color. You can see the storyboards, the pencil-line versions and the pencil final-art.

     Script adapted from the lyrics of the song by Marc Gras.
     Color by Diego L. Parada
      Reaper Woman played by Seffy Moon

      In a next post you can see the final color of these pages!


                   More about It Was Metal/Els Segadors:

       You can order It Was Metal graphic novel on Amazon:

       And you can also order It Was Metal directly from A Sound of Thunder website store:

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