domingo, 3 de junio de 2018


     We continue with the previews Els Segadors, my participation in the graphic novel IT WAS METAL, the comics adaptation of the last album of the American metal band A Sound of Thunder.

     I present here the main character, around which we have created the pages Els Segadors. We have called her Reaper Woman. And this is the origin of the character, created between Marc Gras (script), Diego L. Parada (color) and me:

    In Els Segadors there was no place for too many main characters, due to the short story format. But I came up with the idea of ​​focusing the attention on a character, who could lead the reader from one image to another. And since this character was going to be a reaper, I thought it would work very well if I were a woman. A revolutionary woman, a bit like the woman with the naked breast of Delacroix's famous painting "Liberty Leading the People" of 1830. And whose clothes were also in red, and covered with blood and with one or two sickles in her hands. That would highlight a lot, and I also thought it was important that the character was a woman ... maybe because Nina Osegueda is the vocalist of A Sound of Thunder! And here is where I present another of my usual collaborators: the Belgian model Seffy Moon, with whom I have done many illustrations and covers. When I proposed to use her as the basis for our Reaper Woman, she was delighted to participate!

   Here you can see Seffy Moon ...


...and the concepts search for our Reaper Woman. 

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