Sunday, March 10, 2019


                             LEGENDARY HEROES

          96 Pages - 24 x 32 cm 
          Hardcover with characters in selective varnish + title on hot iron
          + 5 ex-libris
          + 1 original drawing of one of the characters of the album in 18 x 25 cm 
                   Preface by Steven L. Sears
                  Art: Mike Ratera
                  Colors: Cris Ortega - Diego L. ParadaNuria Sayago - Max - Yuri ShepherdMiren PijuanCarol Sánchez - Claudia Duran  
                  Model: Seffy Moon
                  Publisher: Idées Plus 

        I present you my new artbook Legendary Heroes, where you will find a large selection of drawings and recent works about the universe of super-heroes and characters from TV series, movies and video games.

      The book is in english and will be distributed initially in France and Belgium.

             Appearance: April 2019

            Legendary Heroes-Deluxe Edition more information & orders:

      Poison Ivy cover WIP color by Cris Ortega:

      Cover & Pages previews:

    And the 5 ex-libris for the Deluxe Edition: